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    Hi, I find and recover items destined for the landfill and make art out of it.  My latest project has been taking the copper and aluminum wire out of electric motors and power cords and twisting it into angels of all sizes. They are multi-colored with of course copper, and the various colors coated aluminum wire comes in, like purple, pink, teal, etc.  They are each holding something as well,  anything from an awareness ribbon and heart to a boat anchor or golf club, also made from wire.  I am working on a background story for them, a cutesy rhyme about their journey, from the factory to being rescued from the trashman, that I plan to display alongside them.  I also want to individually name each one, Abagail, Beatrice, etc.   I just need to name them as a group.  I’ve come up with these

    • “recycle soully” ( I just like the play on words)
    • “Copper Companion”
    • “copper cherubs”
    • “hobby Angels”

    but none of them feel like a perfect fit, more like a size too small or too big, just not quite what they are.

    On a side note, I am donating part of the proceeds also.  To either the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and either The SPCA or Humane Society or a local animal rescue.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t think this forum allows for private individual donations, but I would gladly take a percentage of any profit and make a donation in your name to a charity of your choice if you could help name these little angels.  I feel like they already have a name, but I just can’t see it, maybe you can…

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    Reclaimed Angels




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    Rising Cupric

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