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    I need a name for my business! I teach/coach digital storybook and traditional scrapbook classes to seniors and kids. It has a heavy emphasis on preserving stories and celebrating photos with a family heritage/genealogy/digital detective emphasis and I am at a loss as to a business name. I also do photo scanning, memory organizing, create custom storybooks and keepsakes made to order and other archival/curating services. I am really looking for an “umbrella” name that I can have to represent my brand, which is my main focus of teaching/coaching people on how to tell their stories. I am teaching an elective class next year to 5th-8th grade students on how to preserve their photos and stories and really want a sharp and fun business name. I have thought of yourstoryconnection, sparkandstory, theheirloomhaven, and harvestyourstory, and mystorybookcoach to name a few. Ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Thank you!

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