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    • JohnWNZ
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      Hey guys, I’m kick starting my own business and getting into Business Consultancy specifically in the Manufacturing environment working with small and medium size firms in New Zealand. I’ll be working across a range of industries but the majority I expect to come from the electronics Manufacturing side of things. I will be working around a range of disciplines and taking on roles from Engineering to Business Coach to Operations Management.

      I had come up with a name of ‘Many Hats’ Consulting to reflect the ability to do a range of things and also based on a brain storming technique of the 6 hats but unfortunately it’s taken. I had suggestions from a friend of Thinking Cap or Original Thought but both feel more like I’d be saying I’ll come up with the idea’s and walk away rather than we’ll partner on this and get through it.

      So I’m looking from something that will stick in your mind but not be too out there or obviously made up plus it should sound good as a domain and simple (big fan of simple).



    • snark
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      Electric Curtain

      Orthogonal Consulting

      Many Worlds

      Mind Meld

      One Brain

    • Franny
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      Six Hats

      Six Sheep



    • JohnWNZ
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      So I’ve gone with Many Caps Consulting for my name, thanks for the help guys. I’m looking for a great tag line, I have had Supporting Your Goals but feels a nit boring, any thoughts?

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