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    • Jane
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      I need a name for a small proofreading business and don’t want to use my own name. Some pertinent info:

      * Most of the content would be legal transcripts, and come from court reporters.

      * I want to be open to other types of content, as well.

      * I won’t be offering copywriting.

      * I’ll be charging per page, not per hour.

      * Something unique about this business is that I sometimes do pro bono editing for nonprofits and anyone else who gives back to the community. I choose the projects, though; people can’t apply (well, I suppose they could ask 🙂 ). I might talk about this in blog posts, though.

      * I do own the domain name “wordbalance” but I’m not 100% sure if it’s a good name, especially without a tagline. It first came to me when I was thinking about the lack of balance in the world in terms of goods, services, and skills, and I wanted to do my part by helping people who needed editing but couldn’t pay for it.

      I’m not sure what other information to offer at this point, and I’m not sure if everything I’ve told you is relevant, but do let me know if I can provide more for you to go on.

      Thank you so much! I’m very impressed with the names you all come up with on this forum!

    • snark
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      Hi Jane,

      Welcome to Wordlab, and thanks for supplying all the information — it’s very helpful. And keep providing feedback to help steer the process. Also, if you can please add your own name suggestions to other projects, both now and in the future (keep coming back, in other words ;-). This site will thrive with contributions of engaged users such as yourself.

      Eagle Eye



      The Fixer




      Edit/Tide (a palindrome)



    • Franny
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      Word Balance | Put your best pen forward

      Word Balance | Everyone deserves a fair word

      Word Balance | Proofreading for all

      Good Ink

      Body of Proof


      To The Letter

      Dot & Cross

    • Jane
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      I liked several of these enough to check on their domain names, and they’re all taken. 🙁


    • snark
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      Jane — do not be concerned with domain names. First of all, EVERY exact-match .com domain name has been registered for every actual word in the English language and any known 2 or 3-word phrases. But that doesn’t matter, because you (and most companies) don’t need an exact-match .com domain name. Simply use a modifier. For instance, if you can’t get, get If you can’t get, get Look for short modifier words that add context to what you are doing, but are not part of the name, just the domain name. This is not only perfectly acceptable, it’s the way to go for nearly every company. Don’t get hung up on the domain name — focus on creating the best company name possible. See Got Them Domain Domination Blues (and the rest of the Zinzin manifesto while you’re at it).

    • Jane
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      Thanks, snark! I had arrived at the realization I could get .biz instead, but what you say makes even more sense. And I was sitting next to my web site designer friend who was explaining what you said right before I read your post. 🙂

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