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    • lilmeer
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      I am in need of a name for my online hypnotherapy service. I’ll be doing hypnotherapy through video & voice chat. Some of the names I’ve come up with so far are things like:

      Sigma Hypnotherapy

      Intrepid Hypnotherapy

      Crosspoint Hypnotherapy

      BlueFire Hypnotherapy

      Cardinal Hypnotherapy

      Four Star Hypnotherapy

      Grandview Hypnotherapy

      New Star Hypnotherapy

      Kindred Hypnotherapy

      Double Star Hypnotherapy

      Quiet Horizon Hypnotherapy

      But none of them seem to “sound right” to me. Anyone have any other ideas or any of the ones above sound good?

    • snark
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      Starlight Hypnotherapy

      Starfish Hypnotherapy

      Selfpower Hypnotherapy

      Visionary Hypnotherapy

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