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    Our goal is to be the go-to website for acupuncturists who want to launch or grow their own business.

    We would prefer not to use the word acupuncture in the title, so as to keep the name open in case we decide to incorporate other natural therapies/practices further down the line.

    With one of our founders having launched her own acupuncture business, we want to help other acupuncturists set up their own practice or grow an existing one.

    We would provide online guides and training videos on everything they need to know to get started, such as how to get set up, how to market their business, one-on-one coaching, online clinical training, access to a wide network of acupuncturists, etc. We would also provide all the documents they would need to run their clinic (patient in-take forms, etc.)

    Our messaging will be focused around encouragement and empowerment; allowing aspiring business owners to focus on their passion without having to worry about all the technicalities.

    We were toying with the idea of incorporating the word “box” in the title, to transmit the idea that they have everything they need in one place. But we’re not sure it would work. We would love to hear your ideas!

    Thanks so much!

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    Gotta lotta nerve


    Contain Yourself

    Healing in a box

    Sticking to it


    Needless to say

    Active Prick

    Point of View

    Getting Under Your Skin

    The Physio Node

    Take Node

    The Neural Network

    The Neural Interface

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    Subcutaneous Blogosphere

    A Cute Puncturist

    Acute Nerves



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    Pick-up Sticks

    Sticking Points

    Stick Figures

    Needle Points

    Points of View

    Puncture Proof

    Painless Management





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    @sigi & @van helsing – thank you both! I really appreciate you taking the time to come up with some ideas. Thanks again!

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