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    Hi everyone!

    I need help naming my business!

    A bit about me..

    I am a dietitian and I would like to create a name for my business. It will include a blog and social media account. Services provided include consultations, group sessions, recipes, health advice, evidence based nutrition, cooking classes, menus, meal plans, health programs… etc. The mission is to help people live their healthiest lives. My ethos is a holistic approach to health, having a balanced diet and lifestyle, and nourishing your body with wholefoods. I’d like to inspire people to follow a healthy lifestyle that makes them happy. Goals for my clients would include weight management, disease prevention/management, consuming healthy foods (e.g. fruit, vegetables, unprocessed foods), developing a healthy relationship with food (i.e. not feeling guilty, not ‘dieting’), building skills to assist with a healthy lifestyle (e.g. cooking and shopping), and increasing confidence.

    So far I have had two friends offer ideas: ‘Follow your gut nutrition’ and ‘Nutrition on a shoestring’. I think they are both catchy but perhaps a bit too long and too specific.


    Some ideas I have has for words to include in the business name are

    nutrition; health; food/foodie; wholefood/wholesome; inspire; nourish; nutrients; evidence; science; dietitian; plant; wellbeing; complete; create; some kind of fruit or vegetables; perspective…

    There are heaps of blogs in this space already (

    I am not very creative as you can probably tell, I appreciate any help! If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.


    Thanks a bunch


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    Inspired Nutrition

    Dietary Inspiration

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