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    My cheesecakes are handcrafted with high quality ingredients, small batch, deliciously unique, extremely satisfying… I make over 30 different cheesecakes so far, and there’s no shortage of ideas for others I’ve yet to make… From classic to modern to creative and experimental (I use alcohol, bacon, and will be making savory cheesecakes as well).

    I’ve been having fun with the developing theme of my cheesecakes; they range from the sane “lighter side”, comfort zone favorites (such as in NY-Style, Italian Ricotta and other classics), to more adventurous and interesting modern cheesecakes (using citrus, berries, and other fruits, as well as avocado, pistachio and other nuts, and chocolate and other cheesecakes), then to the crazy “dark side”, extra indulgent, out-of-your-comfort zone, alcohol-spiked and unique (like the Tiramisu, Double Chocolate Stout Bacon, soon to include savory herb or superhot pepper cheesecakes, and others)…

    The current name of my cheesecake menu has been “Ed’s Cheesecakery” so far, but I don’t want my name in it! I want to captivate cheesecake lovers, to invoke incredible deliciousness along with a bit of mystery, intrigue, making it a fun, flavorful, “well rounded” yet fantastic gourmet cheesecake experience… This name thing is driving me crazy haha… Something like “Deliriyum Artisan Cheesecakery” (one of my ideas), but that’s kind of a miss, I think…?!?!!

    Hope this information helps! Thanks to all who may help!

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    Those cheesecakes sound amazing! What about…
    EUPHORIA Artisan Cheesecakery

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      Thanks for your time and your post, Angie! I appreciate it… I was thinking that my post was too much reading/too much detail–and just think, I actually wanted to show pictures of my work as well. Pictures say a lot, though…

      I have thought about that name before and it made my list–but has been rejected by another person haha… It’s good to know we’re on the same page… I will leave it on my list, and count the votes.

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    The Quintessential Cheesecake

    Extraordinary Cheesecake!

    Cheesecake to Die For

    Cheesecake with Gusto!

    Masterpiece of Cheesecake

    One-of-a-Kind Cheesecake

    “Say Cheesecake”

    Craving Cheesecake

    Cheesecake on Steroids (kidding!)

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      Haha thanks Van Helsing… Good list to spark the imagination.

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