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    Hello! I have been struggling for weeks on a business name! I am starting a business that will be mostly “virtual” so I can help anyone in the USA (doesnt have to be the city I live in).  I will mainly be offering marketing and design assistance and consulting; however i may expand to offer other virtual assistant services such as customer service, event planning and bookkeeping. So in other words I would like it to be somewhat of a broad name. My nickname is “Jo” so I have contemplated having my name in it such as “Jo’s Consulting”; however it feels so boring to me.  Ironic how I cant name my business to save my soul but I help dozens of businesses with creative marketing skills on a daily basis ;).  Any help is greatly appreciated! I am running out of time and need to get this checked off my list so I can move forward.

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    DV8 – Design Virtuosity

    Band Jo

    MAD About You – (MAD – Marketing And Design)

    MAGIC Jo – Marketing And General Internet Consulting

    Jo Jobs Virtual Assistant


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      Thank you so much Sigi!

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    Business Mojo

    Marcom Mojo



    Design United




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