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    I am trying to find a suitable name for my new company. My name is Naim jivraj and I will be the sole owner of the company (at least for now). We are located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). The business was created as I am formerly an investment banker and was unhappy with how slow transactions were moving and that the client was not always put first.

    Our business is cross-border financial advisory – we help Chinese companies and individuals invest in Canadian companies and also help Canadian companies find investment and access to the Chinese market (though investment, strategic partnerships, or acting as an agent for them). We mainly focus on lower/mid market mergers & acquisitions transactions between Canada and China, but also look globally for transactions. We will also actively invest (or use our fees to invest) directly into our clients so that our intentions are aligned and we show we have faith in the transaction.

    I am trying to come up with a name that outlines what we do and gives a sense of expertise and/or trust. I do like endings such as “capital advisors”, “venture partners”, etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Transworld Ventures

    Capital Investment Strategies

    Global Venture Partners

    Worldwide Financial Advisory Group

    Strategic Investment Partnerships




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