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    Hello Forum,

    We are a 3rd generation family business that has recently transitioned from the auto wholesale business into the very crowded world of new car leasing companies. We are not a traditional brick and mortar dealership, but instead a concierge type of auto “broker” service that delivers your brand new car to your home, office or destination of your convenience.  Being in the automotive business my whole life, I have heard countless people relate the process of buying a new car as taking a trip to the dentist, a usually unpleasant and tedious experience to say the least.

    Our companies intention is to extremely simplify the process. In a nut shell, customer decides they want to lease/finance a new vehicle, this is ANY make and model (we have long standing relationships with almost every new car dealership in our area) . After allowing us to locate the exact color, model, etc they want, and coming to an agreement on the price (our price 90% of the time beats the dealerships also), we then pick up the vehicle and deliver to the customers home, office etc.  They sign all necessary forms , which takes about 20 – 30 mins and the experience was painless.  Our relationship is also continued long after the sale, in the event the new car needs service and the customer doesn’t have the time, we will handle that as well. We are a concierge type of service for all your new car needs, with extremely competitive prices without all of the up-sell and hassle that normally goes with the new car buying process.

    I hope anyone reading this is thinking “sounds too good to be true”, or possibly depending where you live, you may have already heard of this type of business. I live in the New York metro area , specifically in New Jersey right outside of Manhattan, and I am definitely not a pioneer. The NY market is slightly saturated with these types of broker companies.

    My hope is that my name will distinguish me from the typical companies around here. There are plenty of “first rate” and “exclusive” and the common names that make someone sound like they are at the top of their industry. I would like to separate myself with a name that isn’t so run of the mill. After weeks of brain storming I finally came up with ” White Glove Auto Network ”  , but it isn’t something I am in love with.  I appreciate any feedback/suggestions and hope to help the many other entrepreneurs here on this great forum.

    Thank you




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    Easy Street

    Silver Tuna

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    Car Hero
    Automanic – crushing your new car, so you don’t have to

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