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    I am a psychologist from the Netherlands specializing in stress related issues at work. I teach people how to cope better with stress at work mainly by teaching them to think differently (techniques from cognitive therapy). Thinking differently helps to both minimize feelings of stress and helps to be more effective in work. I have also a master in business administration which helps to be sensitive for the organizational background.

    A name could reflect a new way of thinking, being more effective, etcetera. I liked for example the name Thinkpower. But unfortunately that name was already taken. I would be very thankful if you can help me out.

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    Quick suggestions ,

    Grep Mind

    Morph Mind ( Morph=undergo a gradual process of transformation)

    Think Glad

    Think Try Be

    Applied Thinking

    Request for more if you have liked the above suggestions 🙂

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    Gray Matters

    Big Think

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    New Mind


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    Thanks for the suggestions up till now. Stimulating for the brain.

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    Hi Jred,

    Below are my suggestions for the name of your firm:

    – Solicitude

    – Apprehenso

    – Mind Grasp

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    Cognito up there from snark pretty solid

    Matter Mind

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    Thanks for all your suggestions. It inspires me for a new name. Although I have not made up my mind for a definitive name yet. Other suggestions are still welcome.

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