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    I’m trying to come up with a name for a programming language I’m working on.

    I originally had MEPL (Multi-purpose Easy Programming Language), but thought it was too “computer”-like. So I then went with “Jazz” which was great until I found it was already used.

    I’m looking for a name thats between “funky” and “sciency” and would rather one that doesn’t even have a word in the English language. I’ve been using the Morphine Addict generator and have come up with some nice ones, but would like some community feedback and suggestions.

    Currently I have:

    • Antidrine
    • Exhort
    • Exosas
    • Heurix
    • Oxine
    • Pentavi
    • Triinex
    • Trinlyn

    Cheers, Finn.

  • Avatardudavocado
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    I like Heurix….

    (“Heur-” evoking heureux, bonheur, heuristic…fortune, finding)

    and then the computery -ix, a la Unix, Linux)



  • FrannyFranny
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    I’m with dudavocado…of the ones on list above, I was drawn to Heurix.

    Quick search found that it’s out there in the name-universe already, but there are ways to differentiate. Good luck!

  • Avatarfrayment
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    Hmm… Thanks for the suggestions guys. Since more than one of you are immediately drawn to it, it’s possibly a good choice to stand out. Thanks again, I’ll see what I can get out of that one name.

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