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    Hello community,

    I am looking for a unique name using a word combination or new word that evokes the feeling of freedom and harmony when one is on top of things in their life, balancing their many priorities so that the things that are truly important to them is what they are spending most of their time doing.

    Positioning Statement:

    You likely hold multiple roles within your family, at work and in your community. Keeping track of it all while keeping an eye on your priorities can be a challenge. Notes to Go is a combination to-do list manager and note storage/retrieval hub (a “note” can be snapped, videoed, spoken or typed at the tap of a button). It integrates goal-setting, planning, scheduling, keeping track of, setting up reminders for, and cataloguing all aspects of the user’s life. And you don’t have to keep it to yourself.  You can share a note or to-do list with your family, a group of friends or colleagues, or the world!

    Notes to Go is an engaging, simple, customizable web-based and mobile app that helps to chronicle the various facets of your life, and free-up your energy so you can think about and do more of what you love.

    Tag Lines:

    • Unload your brain clutter!
    • The details are in the bag (using a tote bag with lots of compartments as a metaphor for the app)
    • Create, Store, Share

    Thanks so much for your help,

    Mary Beth

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    Elan Vital



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