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    Hi Everyone,

    Really appreciate the time you are taking to read this!

    I am opening a coffee shop in February. This will be what is called a third-wave coffee shop. Third wave means that coffee is moving from Folgers, to Starbucks, to this type of lightly roasted, sweeter, more flavorful coffee. The menu will be very simple. Espresso drinks and coffee, high end tea. There will be no flavorings. It won’t be cheap. Coffee drinks will range from $2.50-$5.00. We will offer high-end snacks as well and a tasting menu. This will be high end culinary.

    We are aiming it to be an affordable luxury. While more expensive than standard coffee this will be coffee that provides a different experience. The shop is located in the suburbs, with access for drivers as there is going to be no walk-up traffic.

    This is a cafe where people come to slow down time. A critical part of the cafe is that it takes the time to tell its story. We inform customers about the coffee. We tell them about why it costs more and why it should be enjoyed without milk and sugar.

    I need a name that speaks to this timelessness and quality. Something that shows that the place is a haven from the rat race.

    Any and all suggestions are most appreciated!

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    Bean Counter

    Hot Liquid

    Black Gold


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    Bean There

    Ground Sole

    Java Sense

    Cafe Raw

    DaBeans Coffee Shop

    Grounds for Meditation


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    Haute Cafe

    Sip ‘n Savor

    Roast of the Town

    Cafe Noir

    Grind to a Halt

    Gold Cup

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    Thank you everyone so much for the help!!

    Very creative and useful. Helps me understand, I am looking for a name that speaks to a feeling. So in other words, I want a name that speaks to the experience you get when drinking an affordable luxury. Where you slow down for 20ish minutes. I don’t want a coffee reference in the name and am not going for something too cute. Just something that speaks to slowing time down.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    Float + Brown




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