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  • Morpheme
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    I am having difficulty choosing a name from the list below. I already own the .com for these. It’ll be used for a graphic design business.

    Creoa (latin for “produce”)
    Yivra (Hebrew for create)
    Litzor (Hebrew for create)
    Aetri (made up)
    Artoq (made up)
    Artiqe (made up but turns out it means artistic in Bulgarian)
    Creatiqe (made up)
    Creism (made up combination of “cre” for creative and the suffix “ism”)

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  Morpheme.
  • Blindweezy JeffersonBlindweezy Jefferson
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    They’re all interesting names.

    Would your clients be familiar with Hebrew or doesn’t it matter?

    Which one is the easiest to pronounce when telling someone the name of your company?

    I like Creatiqe as it seems the most descriptive (if that’s important)

    Is it pronounced “creAtic” like Attic or creaTique like “Teak”?


  • Morpheme
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    It’s pronounced like teak. I like artiqe (pronounced the same way) because its a little shorter but do like creatiqe too. I’m not sure if my clients would be familiar with the meaning of the Hebrew words but I thought they carried over well to English in the way they look and sound. Thanks for your input.

  • FrannyFranny
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    I like Artoq – for the same reason you mentioned above, it’s a little shorter – and because ending w the “q” stands out

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