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    Hey! We are a nonprofit focused on food accessibility called FoodChain. We currently run an aquaponics farm (fish and plants in one big recirculating water system).

    We are hosting an event on October 2nd where people can walk through our facility, explore the space where we will be building a community kitchen, as well as have street food from 3 different chefs (2 local and one named Vish who is a guest chef). The ticket price will include a beer and glass; the beer is brewed next door to us, punningly named DankeChain (after us and the fact that it is an Oktoberfest beer).

    Any help with naming this event would be amazing!!!

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    Symbiosis 2015

    The Big One

    Fall Fest
    ps. tagline could be something like “food, fun and friends on the farm” or something more simple/direct- “a fundraiser to benefit FoodChain”

    pps. is it an annual event? or going to become one?


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    OktoberFeast — good one, Franny.

    Chain Reaction

    A Very Big Fish

    A Fine Kettle of Fish

    Fishy Business

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