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    Hey, everyone! So I’m in the process of starting an official business for handmade pieces of jewelry I create. I use traditional Native American beading techniques that have been passed down to me. So because of my heritage I want it to be incorporated into the name. I wAs thinking Mali (pronounced Maa-lee) Telpa (pronounced tell-pa). Mali translates to Mary in english and Telpa translates to ‘kills in the lodge’ This was my great grandmother’s maiden name. She was very respected and I wanted to honor her. I would appreciate feed back from others to see if it’s too obsecure for others or unappealing. Thank you very much.

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    You could use the name “Mali Telpa” but I would also include a descriptive line in smaller letters as below:

    Mali Telpa

    Handcrafted Native American Jewelry & Accessories.

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