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    Hi, I’m opening a jewelry and metalsmithing studio in Troy, NY. I will be offering lessons and workshops to adults and teenagers, as well as renting workspace for amateur jewelers. I will also be holding wedding ring workshops, where couples can spend the day with me, making their own wedding bands by recycling their scrap gold or working from my fresh material. The location I’m looking at is on monument square (which is actually a triangle), in the middle of downtown, a block from the Hudson river. Troy is also known as the “collar city” from its industrial heritage in textiles. A jay bird will likely be my mascot/logo?- they are birds who use “tools” and are known to collect shiny objects.

    I’m ready to sign a lease and start building the space out for my shop, but i need a name so i can start promoting.  Help!


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    Bird Song






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    Golden Triangle

    Trojan Horse

    Glimmer Studio

    Smithy & Bling

    Blue Jay Way

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    Melting Pot

    …perhaps overused already

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