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    Need a business name for a graphic design, car automotive, car dismantle and also clothing and apperal business.


    For some reason I am really struggling with finding a business name. Whether I’ve just being to picky or not on the right mind set.


    The business will involve vinyl wrapping, white wall tires, detailing and also wrecking, I want a name that will bring alot of attention and will also be able to create logos and art work for a clothing brand based on the shops name.


    Something for example along the lines of “Eyecandy motorsport” or “exotic vision” just to get some ideas out there


    Thank you in advanced

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    Two Way Street

    Pedal to the Meddle

    Iron Glove

    Esoteric Car Closet

    GTA – Graphic Technology Authority

    Hold Your Horses

    Drive and Runway

    Automotive Stylings

    Driving By The Seat Of Your Pants

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    Bubble Skirts

    Pinstripe Panache



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