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    Hi, I’m about to launch a new type of structural board which can be used for both walls and ceilings but the board needs a name. The board is an aluminium construction with a honeycomb core and a unique filler that provides excellent soundproofing and thermal properties. The thermal insulation properties will help conserve and save on energy expenditure.  A special feature of the board is one side can have a micro perforated surface which will also give the board very good sound absorption properties for the reduction of echo in rooms, halls, buildings etc.

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    Honey BoardThe Comb of Silence

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    Hi guys, thanks for your ideas.

    I’ve decided to go for Tri-Bordz as:

    The boards offer 3 main properties, acoustic absorption, acoustic insulation & thermal insulation

    The name is unique & if searched will always lead potential customers to our site

    “Bordz” is a play on the word boards but will be pronounced the same way.

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