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    Hi I am looking for a Bar name as me and my friend are starting one up.

    The name we came up with doesnt seem to sound good it is “OLD BEER WINE AND MEALS”

    These are our ideas

    .It will be kid friendly during the day and at 10pm until close only adults can be there.

    .We are going to build on to add hotel rooms.

    We will sell wine, beer and meals as well as kids drinks (Soft drinks Juices Water etc).

    It is an Old type Pub with an old type of feeling using old type furniture.

    To begin with we will have 2 Racing machines in the oub area for kids and a few Pokie machines for the adults.

    Eventually we plan on building a games area for the adults pokie machines and a seperate area for kid machines.

    An area with a tv and small round tables for like AFL, Horse Racing and any other betting shows where people can gather to bet money with each other.

    We will also have an area with larger tables for more guests and meals area than around the out side of building we have smaller tables for drinking and an outdoor area as well as an outdoor smoking area.

    So we would really appreciate it if people could give us more ideas aswell as help with a name it would really be appreciated thanks.



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