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    Hey there! I have started printing shirts and I have so many nice designs I would like to promote…but I still have no name for the „brand“. I am going crazy! I love webdesign and can´t wait to start! The shirts are looking good, but as you may guess…they´re not finished yet. I need a name for the brand!

    First I was thinking about „Alte Schule“ which is German for „old school“ but there are too many other institutions here in Berlin rocking this name.

    Then something like „we matter“ came to my mind, but there has been some H&M hoodies featuring this quote.

    So…anyone coming up with an idea? Wouldn’t mind to tip some PayPal if I use one if your ideas.

    I do not have a specific topic that needs to be part of the name. Style is streetwear…hoodies, shirts and caps.

    Some ideas I have had the last week:

    fatigué (I think that could cause confusion with the skateboard brand cliché)
    Breakfast Club (copyrights on this name?)
    Breakfast Mafia
    Pille x Palle (pillepalle is German slang for unnecessary stuff)
    False Friends

    As you can see…no specific direction, just looking for a nice and catchy name…

    Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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    High Road

    Stuffed Shirt

    Urban Knight

    Rough Patch


    Curb Appeal



    Clothes Encounters



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