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      NOTE: The Wordlab Forum is now closed!

      Welcome to the Wordlab naming and branding Forum. Here’s how to get started:

      1. Sign up for a free Wordlab account, which will allow you to post Topics here in The Wordlab Forum, as well as Reply to the Topics posted by others in the Wordlab community. We will not share your info with anybody.
      2. Post your request for help with your specific naming or tagline project as a new Topic here in The Wordlab Forum.
      3. Wordlab-specific suggestions, comments, complaints, etc, can be posted as Replies to this Topics.

      PRO TIPS:

      1. Before hitting “Submit” on your Posts or Replies, click the box just above and to the left of the “Submit” button that says, “Notify me of follow-up replies via email,” which will do exactly that. This is a big feature upgrade that we lacked with the old Wordlab forum, so now you will no exactly when you get replies to your project posts and replies. Be sure to then come back and keep the conversation going.
      2. Share your knowledge! The Wordlab Forum works best when diverse members of the community post naming or tagline/slogan suggestions for others. And just because you may have come here to post your own project because you felt “stuck” trying to name it, doesn’t mean you won’t be bursting with name ideas for somebody else’s project — in fact, that kind of altruistic helping of others will often get your creative juices flowing for your own project. So we might wrap this in a tagline like so: Wordlab — help yourself by helping others.
      3. When you post a project, add as many relevant details as possible. This will help all members of the community to get inspired and offer better suggestions for you. Instead of a vague, generic subject line like, “I need a name,” be more specific: “Name for a new hickory smoked BBQ salmon filet product.” Then, in the body of your post, talk about the Brand Positioning of your company, product, or service — what is the big picture story you want this brand to tell to the world, and what is the unique tone and personality to best do that with? By clarifying the goals of your brand to the Wordlab community, you will also clarify what you are doing to yourself. Pithy tagline: Introduce your brand to others to better know it yourself.
      4. TAGS: Add relevant tags to your Topic post. FORMAT: Please make tags one or two words, lowercase, and separate tags with commas. You can see the Forum tag cloud on our Archives page — it’s a great way to drill down and find names that have already been posted for other projects that may be similar to yours.
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