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    Hi i am a Pimp Daddy in the prestigious aspiring HMH Club for Pimp Daddies and i have a bunch of company name ideas i would like to trade for support for the club…

    Phooky Cell Phones – Answer with a “phooky move” (dont no if that gets across right)
    Mephoura GT Race Car
    Reilas Fine Watches (Ray-Las)
    Sena Cologne
    Feyni Bunano Bat – weighted attack baseball bat
    Feyni Ratbat – weighted mini attack baseball bat
    Wukasa Hot Sauce (woo-kah-saw – suppose to sound extremely tough) – Mega Site
    Sleepycat Dj – Unique Aura gives turntablists more control
    Sleepycat Tires – Unique Aura gives racers more control
    Backwarbs Headphones
    Spirit Video Game Console – superior graphics, email for more info
    Gooey’s Bath Products
    Shamgoo, Congootioner, Goo Wash, Stylin Goo
    Lakiyoki Soap
    Sachi Electronics
    Royburn Energy Drinks
    Leroy’s Bad Juice Rum – Angellico Le Bad
    Kamapoka Shots (Kah-mah-pauk-kah – liquor)
    Jamacian Spider Rum

    Wu Shai Whiskey
    Angel Wu Vodka
    Guji Wine
    Romala Wine
    Saja Beer
    Juroiky Beer (juh-roy-ki)


    Clothing Lines…

    Regan Skate and Snow
    Kajillion Surf Wear
    Shemwembo Snowboard Wear
    Kainai (kai-nai)Off Road Wear (dirtbikes and atvs an stuff)


    Rich Burn – Super Rich and Styling for the talented super stars.

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