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    Hi there!  I have a team of 30 women and it is growing everyday.  Looking for a team name.  We help women have beautiful nails by giving them an easy way to use 100% nail polish strips at home to pain their nails.  Fast, Fun and Easy are 3 words to describe our product. We have to register with our company to have rights to the name, so many of the obvious are already taken.  One of the ones I love is Glitter Underground. We have solids, glitter and nail art styles.  Excited to find the right original name that has a bit of edge and a bit of fun.  Please no x-rated ideas.  LOL.

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    Femme Fuegos

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    Glitter Tube

    Glitter Gap

    The Glitter Clash

    Nail Underground

    20 Nail Crew

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