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    My husband and I have been doing this work for sometime and we thought it’s time to go ahead and register as a 501c. I am terrible at naming though and would be so appreciative of suggestions


    We would like emphasize the fact our focus is on dogs that are harder to rescue/place, usually because they have been abused or neglected.   We don’t pull from shelters, we do I guess it would be called front line rescue where the dog is in immediate danger of injury or death.  A lot of what we do involves dealing with very fearful dogs so there is tracking and catching involved.  The dogs are then treated medically and go through training before being placed in foster homes or permanently adopted.


    The group consists of my husband, who is a military drill instructor, and myself a former cruelty investigator.   Our work often takes us into less than welcoming areas and sometimes we deal with people that aren’t necessarily happy to see us.  So we’ve both had to develop thick skins and hides.


    And finally the rough draft of our mission statement

    to prevent cruelty to pet animals through abuse or abandonment

    to remove pet animals from immediately dangerous situations

    to provide emergency short term shelter by developing and maintaining a group of volunteer animal foster home

    to provide necessary veterinary care, housing, and food

    to develop long term solutions for abandoned or abused animals through either placement in an animal rescue or through permanent adoption to screened homes


    thank you all

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    Dog Rescue 911

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    Being St Bernards

    (the epitome of a rescuer)

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