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    I’ve been working as a sole trader with a few clients now and I’d like to create a profile in my industry with the intent on growing my business. So to do this my next step is coming up with a business name. Focus with in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

    By business is Hotel & Resort sales & marketing support services. My clients are local and International hotels & resorts, who outsource their Sales & Marketing.  Type of work includes Sales, Revenue,  Digital Marketing, Strategy consulting, training, sales representation etc. I’d like my clients to have flexibility to either pay a monthly fee for access to certain toolkits or services, an ongoing retainer with full sales responsibility/services, or they can schedule in for assistance with certain projects.

    Names I’ve had jotted down but not connecting with are; Project Hotelier, Outsourced Hotelier.

    Any assistance with a business name would be fabulous.  Thanks!

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    The Hotel Company

    Hospitality Inc.

    Last Resort

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