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    Hi there! I am starting an online business to sell products on Amazon with the hopes of expansion. My husband would like to use both or either of our kids names in the Company name, but I’m not sure if that is too limiting. Our kids are Reagan and Isaac. Nicknames are Reaggo and IZ. We’ve played with a lot of different variations but would like some help before we officially launch our business. We tested several names and Izzy as an iteration of Isaac (we don’t care to keep correct gender) seemed to have good response, while Reagan doesn’t flow off the tongue and people had a hard time figuring out how to pronounce Reaggo.

    The products we are looking at right now include baby bandana bibs, American Girl doll clothes, and a portable play mat. We will only pick one of these items to start our business with but would like to be able to expand to more products in the future.

    Thanks so much for your ideas!

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    Rego & Izzy


    Grin Az Eazy (anagram of Reagan & Izzy?)

    Otherwise, to keep it specific to your kids, maybe a combo name of their favorite things? Example…

    Purple Dinosaur

    Oatmeal Robot





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    IZ Kidz

    jUsT 4 KiDs



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    Of all the suggestions, I like Rego & Izzy best. Flows well for me, and it’s also unique, and it’s also open to any type of product now and in the future.

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