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    I am a pretty good namer yet have gone through 72 names so far with none that see me leaping for joy.

    This is a garment that covers the 3 B’s as stated above. It is NOT shape wear (which is tight and unbreathable and reshapes the body)… it merely covers these parts in a very discreet manner (i.e. nobody will know you are wearing one).

    I can’t say much about it as it’s about to be launched soonish… 🙂

    The words and concepts I have been trying to play with are:

    cover, 3, B’s, wrap, tube, tail, under over (original name was UnderOver, but this is a common term for football scoring), the garment goes Under one’s trousers and Over one’s underwear. trio, sides, keeping it “underwraps” as it’s something many don’t want to admit needing and/or wearing!…yes I thought of using underwraps as a name but it’s rather long and was natched by my advisor.

    It would be great if it was funny/witty, but not rude. For example, I have with regret had to say goodbye to decheex and decrax and don’t be cheeky and anything to do with butts and gaps and anything else that is deemed rude by most.

    It is for both men and women.

    PS: Anybody interested in the product, please let me know!! 🙂

    Many thanks for anyone attempting this.

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    Maybe something about ‘keeping it secret’ obvs too long but for a thought starter


    Could play on chastity belt and maybe go with ‘modesty band’ or ‘modesty wrap’


    (would love if you could check out my topic for children’s items! I’m currently in the same issue – lots of names just not one that’s sticking 🙂 )


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    Ok deal, you work on mine, I’ll work on yours and we’ll meet tomorrow at 0800 hours. Ok 2100 hours. 🙂

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    Bunder Garment

    Bundercover Agent


    Tame the Thunder Down Under  😉


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    Thanks for the offerings! I need to keep the syllables low 🙂

    Thunder down under haha….

    bunder I wish I liked it more as it’s good, it’s just not quite there yet….


    Thanks for thinking about it! Much appreciated. 🙂

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    Admit 3



    Triple Play


    That’s a wrap!

    Triptik (Triptych)

    BaBeBu  (Back, Belly, Bum)

    3 Bees



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    Nice one Franny! You will be happy to note I have added everyone’s names onto my list and given credit to each. There’s some good ones there and some good directions to go into as well.

    Any more ideas send them over! I’ll have a look on yours too, it’s only fair. 🙂

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    Loz, the Bando one is on auction at godaddy for £16,000!

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