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    Hi! I’m a part of an organization developing a community engagement center focused on attracting people in recovery from addiction, or seeking recovery. Through creative activities, art, music, and movement, people in recovery will have a safe place to spend their time on healthy and productive projects. Since it is open to the public, they will be able to socialize and expand their peer groups beyond just the recovery community, and they are not required to disclose their status as a person in recovery if they don’t want to, so they can feel just like everybody else. We have a kitchen, art room, music room, physical activities room, and an event area. We will also offer recovery based classes, public forums about addiction and recovery, and support groups, as well as non-addiction related classes like hobby classes or life skills.

    An already established organization is running the building, but the building has a more specific purpose related to engaging people through creative activities, so we want it to have its own name.

    We have considered The Lookout, The Way Station, The Garden, etc. but don’t like any of them enough. We like the idea of having “house” in the name (the __ house) but we aren’t committed to it!

    We also operate in Kalamazoo, and we aren’t opposed to variations of that in the name (like “Kzoo,” “The Zoo,”) and Kalamazoo is a valley, so we like using “Valley,” and we are located across from a park called “Spring Valley.”

    Basically though, we are open to anything! It can even be abstract, or a metaphor, that we build branding around to get the point of the name across. Feel free to ask any clarifying questions!

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    I like the Way Station, but how about a different twist…

    The Way Point   (Way points are like coordinates along the way to a destination)

    The Recovery Way Point

    Wellness Way Point

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    Haven House

    Watch Tower

    The Home Place

    Happy Valley

    Friendship Manor








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