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    • ckourounis
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      Hey everyone,

      We have been stuck on rebranding our Digital Marketing agency. Our current name “Creatications Digital”, may seem creative and original, but are noticing many clients or potential clients are finding it difficult to pronounce, spell and remember.

      I know we broke many rules when we thought of that name, rules like:
      – Easy to pronounce, spell and remember
      – Keeping it simple
      – Don’t go creating new words.

      We have come to the conclusion it’s time to rebrand and feel that this community will help us create the perfect name for our company.

      Here are things to remember:

      – The name should be somewhat short
      – Easy to remember, pronounce and spell.
      – We could see our new company name ending in Creative.
      – Our company theme: light, creative, galaxy, lightbulb, stars

      Here are some possible names we have thought of but please feel free to send us anything that pops in your head. The better the variety, the higher the chance it might spark something creative in our idea.
      – Lumos Creative
      – Galaxy Creative
      – Luminous Creative

      I look forward to hearing back from you all and thank you in advance for your submissions.

    • Franny
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      Lumos is nice.



      Glow worm







      • ckourounis
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        Hey Franny,

        We like Lumos as well, short, simple and catchy. Firefly also sounds creative, thanks for the suggestions.

    • van helsing
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      Stellar Creations

      Starmark Creative

      LightsOut Creative




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