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    I am looking for a company/Domain name

    I sell 5 D diamond paintings under the current name Jumari. This was supposed to signify Just Marie. I purchased the & .uk but didnt check soial networks.

    In addition to the above I will also be selling bath products and fashion jewellery.

    My original idea was to create departments eg jewellery@jumari or handmade@jumari.

    I have spent days looking for the right name and now hope there is someone out there who can help me.

    I have come across a few I like to give you a better insight to things I like
    TrulyMarie … Available, but not on social media  TheBiggerPicture … No

    CrystalArt … No  CrystalPics … No  CrystalPix … No  Crystalleto … Yes, but not social media  Crystalettos … Available on all platforms. I like it. Does it sound like a shoe shop though?  Critaledo – crystalone – sumarie – humarie

    As you can see I desperately need some help. I am running a naming competition on my site if you can find it! Critaledo is favorite (just not the crit bit)

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    You like TrulyMarie… can you add an ‘s or just an s at the end?

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