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    Hi, I’m developing a tool (a deck of cards) for brainstoming and teamwork. The cards contain mainly illustrations that can be used as metaphors to represent something else.

    It’s also a method, there’s a process of using the tool so I want to avoid using the words “cards/ deck”, also because at some point the same illustrations might be used on different medium, such as magnets. I also want to avoid the word “ideas” because brainstorming is not the only use case for the deck.

    Now after rejecting a lot of names my two favorites are

    Creative Inventory – because there is a lot of various categories of the content. Think of a video game hero who has a backpack (= Inventory). Some friends really like it because it shows easily what the product is about, but others think it’s too dry, obvious, or simply sounds bad. What do you think?

    Spectrum Innovation Method – the illustrations are colourful and they are the main element (= spectrum of light), but also can be used as a wide spectrum of ideas, a wide spectrum of use cases for the cards, etc.

    Some others that I was considering

    Creative Pops (too sweet)

    Creative Clues (I like it, but there’s a book and and agency with this name)

    something … pedia


    Something… Works




    Please give me feedback on the two names and maybe suggest something else. Thank you!

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    The Creative Source




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    Brain Steam






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