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    I am producing clean food for pharmacy. Products like honey, coconut, chocolate etc.. I would love to have a name that is slightly feminine // fresh // clean // crisp // raw // english

    I would love to appeal to modern women // bloggers // instagramers // health focused families. The company name has to be new and available for domaine and instagram account.

    The name can be related to the company idea // or it can also make no sence, just give the right vibe, like one of my favourite brand names; Coco Bruni
    The assosiation to Coco Chanel and Carla Bruni is very elegant.

    I like names that can be shorten eks Oh Hello -> Oh!
    Also names like “In Bed” ( I will post a link) where the name may be used in sentences or slogans.

    Please be innovative and give it a try. I am in serious need of a name before I can go on with logo, branding and product design.

    Links to names and branding that inspire me :…lgwellscom…ty/9772815

    The Barnes & Webb profile with the old pharmacy / chemical numbers is very nice.

    Love this –

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    Pharm Fresh

    Health Pharm


    Savour Fare



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    Huckleberry Moon

    Half Past Noon

    Tiny Balloon

    Lucky Festoon


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