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    Hello! We are a group of three honorably retired police officers who are starting a private security company. We offer a collective 100 years of working to protect the public.  Our security guards will work in all types of environments, from shopping malls to construction sites; government buildings to convention events throughout the western U.S. Unlike the typical security firm, our guards will be highly trained, look sharp and be paid at the top of the scale for their commitment to our clients safety. Our goal is to offer a true professional alternative to the industry.

    Try as we might, our talents do not include anything close to being able to create an amazing name for our venture.  We would be beyond grateful to be able to utilize your creative abilities.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we sincerely appreciate it!

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    Hello there Wade!


    Just some ideas that popped into my head… first off, let me thank you for your service to the public.

    Knight Security Group

    GridIron Security

    Sentry Security Group

    Scorpion Security

    Tuff Security

    Alright, I think I am out of all ideas when the last one I do is ‘tuff’ haha

    I hope those helped you at least a little bit!



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    Scott, thanks very much for the ideas! We all got a chuckle regarding what you said about ‘Tuff”!

    But seriously, we appreciate the though you put into this and just to share with you about how creative we are…not one of those names had come to mind before your response and we’re really liking Gridiron and Knight.

    We really appreciate your time. Doing our part to protect the public for a zillion years was a privilege. Hopefully we can make a difference in the private security world. Thanks for the kind words and have a great week!

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