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    I have just started working for a small local charity in the UK that supports children with disabilities and additional needs.

    In a nut shell, we care for the whole family by supporting the child, their parents and carers. We act as a hub / community, by pulling together specialists in multiple fields to empower families and reduce the children’s isolation. We provide activities, therapies, training courses, and seminars at our centre weekly for both the children, parents and carers.

    Over the last year there has been a certain movement online and it has grown larger than our organisation, the movement shares the same name as our charity. We were waiting for it all to blow over, however it is now starting to impact on our charity.

    One of my first jobs in my new role is to look at rebranding the charity and that’s where I need your support. I am looking for a new name (1 or 2 words) something short that incorporates the type of charity we are.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Many thanks


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