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      Hi! First of all, I love this site.

      My real name is Xue Ao. I was forced to add a second surname which has been giving me issues, so I’m going to drop it. While I’m at it, I thought I should also change my first name to Sue, since it’s what everyone calls me anyway.

      I’m from South America, and my name back home was Nieves (Xue means Snow). It was Nieves all throughout k-12, but nobody calls me that anymore as an adult. A few people call me Susana. I’m hesitant of changing it to something entirely different because my friends know me by Sue / Soo (phonetically).

      Sue Ao – sounds a bit strange because of all the vowels following into each other
      Susan Ao – sounds dated (but so does Sue)
      Susana Ao – same issue with vowels
      Suzy/Susie – not diggin’ it

      I would like it to be ethnically ambiguous, if possible. Thanks!

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    • Judith1005
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      I’m new here, but I have also fell in love with this website.

      Hopefully I wasn’t too late, but I randomly came across your request and I would love to help and suggest a few names that you might like. I don’t expect you to agree with any of them, but hopefully it will just give you some inspiration or ideas to help you decide what name you end up choosing for yourself.

      I was thinking maybe something under the names such as, Suna or Soona, Sana/Sanna, Sumi or Suzuni.

      I tried keeping the Sue vowel as much as possible. They’re probably not as ethically ambiguous as you want them to be, but I think they’re really pretty and unique names.

      Hope this helped! 🙂

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