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      Looking for some inspiration for business name for a price comparison or shopping comparison website. Some existing  brand names are Price panda, Get Price,  Price grabber, Nextag, Raukten etc.

      I have one shortlisted  name: “Price Passport.” Please  comment or suggest other names.

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      Well, if you go descriptive and have a name with “Price” in it, you will just blend in with and disappear among hundreds of other such websites, such as the ones you mentioned above. Do you really want to do that? Answer these questions: Why are you in business? What is the soul of your business? What makes your service any different or better than all the others? How will your business make the world a better place, at least for your users? Answering these will help you figure out the brand positioning, the deep meaning and big picture story that this brand should tell to the world. Then and only then will you be able to find the right name to tell that story. If it’s just about labeling it a “price comparison” website, then you turn into a commodity, and the site becomes no different to users than any other price comparison commodity website. If that’s what you want, that’s fine, just make sure that’s what you want.



      Price Matrix




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      Honestly, I like the names you have already!

      Price Panda


      Price Passport

      are easy to remember and catchy. I like price panda the most I don’t know something about the image of the panda just sounds inviting. I like the way it makes me feel. I connect with this more emotionally. Its like my panda friend is going to help me find the best prices 🙂

      Price Passport would be my next favorite very straight to the point… it tells me I’m visiting prices… or its my passport to checking prices… its easy to remember. It has a more serious feel and very business like.

      Nextag sounds like its from silicon valley and it reminds of cloths because of the word tag for some reason.

      I like Raukten… but its hard to spell and remember… you’d have to spend a lot more on marketing to make it stick that why it on the tail end for me.

      Get Price… don’t like that one.

      Hope that was helpful


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