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    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to think of a name for an etsy shop that will sell party supplies, party decor, invitations, etc. My main focus will be on party activities like scavenger or treasure hunts.

    I want something that indicates “treasure hunt” in the name. Like “treasured events” but i don’t like this name. There are SO many companies out there already selling in this sector so I’ll be facing some fierce competition. I need something that is UNIQUE and will differentiate me from my competitors.
    Any spin off on treasure hunt is great.


  • quarkquark
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    …good description. Late to the party, so to speak…still working on the name?

  • quarkquark
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    All That Glitters

    Dream Poppers

    Hella House

    Shindig Château



  • FrannyFranny
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    Booty Time

    X Marks The Spot

    The Game Is Afoot


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