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      Dear members,

      For a new and unique marketing concept in the Netherlands I need a new catchy and strong name. Unfortunately after months of trying and brainstorming we haven’t managed to get a new name. Hopefully your inspiration can help us!

      Our concept consists of four different services: Direct Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, Marketing Tools and Direct Mail. Our core business are the two first services but the other two are important as well. In the first place we were thinking of words that are saying something about what we do. The downside of this is that we have four services and it is quite hard to explain every service within one name. For example words like: expand, advance, expanse etc. Another downside: those domain names (.nl) are already used.

      The next thing we did was using words that doesn’t say anything about what we do, but are easy to pronounce, remember and writing. Thinking of words ending on ‘go’ and ‘do’. For example: advango, advanco, provago, incredo, vimago etc. It doesn’t really have a downside, except for the already registered domain name, but it isn’t powerful enough. Thinking of the dutch companies: Yonego and Fonq they doesn’t say anything, but they are really powerful in pronouncing and remembering.

      To make the business even bigger we’ve decided to maybe have marketing behind the name. For example the name Advance Marketing. Then we will have a subtitle like: ROI driven. This will make us able to have both the domain names and but we use Those are examples of course..

      Now my question to you is: If you see those four services and my explanation; what are business names you can think of? It can be names that doesn’t say anything or names that do say what we do. Also the possibility to use marketing behind it. Keep in mind that we are a dutch company and we must use .nl for it.

      Hopefully you can give us inspiration or maybe even the perfect powerful name!

      Thanks is advance.


      Jan Willems


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      The absolute best name should also be a memorable dotcom name that’s available because you need a website to promote your business. It’s worth the investment. It should be .com only. With all due respect,  Advance and marketing etc… are boring and no one will remember you ever with a generic monotone name.
      You have to stand out – be radical – be fresh – be unique

      is edgy, dark and cool
      and the most memorable name ever.

      Now, after you’ve read this, you will not get it out of your head

      the domain is available for your business at

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