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    i been in this hobby of mine for quite a time now and i just made up so ridiculous name to publish. (C.M. Workshops)

    Basically “Comanc Modifications Workshops” Yep ridiculous 😛 anyways, i been looking to publish under a more serious name and perhaps even get contracts in the futur. Im a 3D modeler who models basically 3rd party content for games. Im based in Canada.

    I basically stopped lately (as per the lack of post) and facebook page went underwater after i abandoned my free website, but right now im back in business and i need a fresh new start. dont mind the copyrighted flag XD like i said i was a really not serious thing, but now i need a new name and from there i can design with my partners our own logo. That page was only display train related stuff but i do in a lot of games, cars, building planes, etc

    If you need any more information about us just ask and ill be happy to reply

    Thank You


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    Model Citizen

    Mod Squad

    Plastic Dreams

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    For what it’s worth, I don’t think C.M. Workshops is too ridiculous.  Or could shorten just to “Comanc 3D”


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    Comance 3D

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