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    I’m after some ideas for names for a line of our business, which is basically total perimeter protection, it includes autogates, security fencing, access control,boom gates barriers etc.

    It needs to give the impression of total perimeter protection, for example of the following words:

    secure, protection, 360deg, total security, security fencing, security gates, access control, ambit, bulwark, preventitive, etc etc.

    I’d like it to sound smart and professional not just a mix up of words or letters.

    Doesn’t have to include the above words if you can think of something clever that captures it all then I’d be glad to hear it.

    And if you can give a bit of a reason for the name too?

    many thanks in advance,



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    I mean yeah no need to get fancy here, we want to consider just stating what you do succinctly, so something like just literally “Total Security” might be OK. It’s plain but you want come across as solid rather than artsy. Or here’s a couple more:

    Total Control

    Reliance Security Systems

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    Hello thanks for the suggestion .

    But same time this company’s name is already  taken . I will be not able to get this name for the registration .

    Request you please  suggest something more different .


    Thanks for your support .



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    A.C.E  Access Control Enterprises

    For one, it makes you sound like a huge company. Ace is also very strong sounding and will appear near the top of any alphabetical search.  Access control covers everything from fencing to camera systems.

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