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    I have recently purchased a business, and to be frank the name sucks. It’s long, hard to say, harder to spell, and when shortened to an acronym it’s contradictory to what we strive to do. Our name is “Weld Adolescent Resources” or “W.A.R” for short. Our current business model involves providing business management support to organizations that deal with at-risk youth.

    So, if the above paragraph explains who we currently are, then I want to explore who we want to be. My team and I want to expand our vision. We love the work we currently do, and even more so, we love the work that our clients do. We are passionate about helping organizations that make our communities better and more vibrant. But our name is limiting us to serving organizations that work only with youth. We want to help ANY organization that is passionate about making their community and the world better, regardless of the specific population or cause they serve. Can you help us find a name that fits our passion?


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    Non-Profit Business Administration Group


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    Task Force


    Change Mints

    Forward Resources


    Resource Front

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