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      I’m a business consultant and web specialist, and I’ve worked for 15 years under a company name that no longer matches what I do. I need to rebrand as people get the wrong idea of what I do.

      A couple of marketing people have recommended I brand as myself – Peter Bowyer. I get the benefits they outline (Clients know they’re not dealing with a full-service agency, who they’re talking to, make a name for yourself) but I also see drawbacks:

      1. No one can pronounce my surname (or often spell it correctly)
      2. Listening to the sound of ‘Bowyer’ (pronounced ‘boh-yer’) I can’t say it sounds upbeat or positive (the ‘o’ and the ‘err’ at the end)
      3. PB and combinations thereof do not lend themselves to a mark (see the standard of those out there) – I’ve tried in the past
      4. I have yet to come up with any straplines / marketing slogans that make the name memorable

      I’m too close to the name:

      • what impression does it give you?
      • Can you pronounce it?
      • Is there any way to make it memorable?

      Am I overthinking the impact a name can have on a brand?

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      “Am I overthinking the impact a name can have on a brand?” No, the name is the single most important piece of branding you will ever do. Go for an evocative name that demonstrates your brand positioning metaphorically, rather than a functional personal brand name or a descriptive or experiential name, such as (likely) your current company name, that tells people what you do and can thus become dated, incorrect, or just be garden variety boring. Read Pro Tip #3 here — — then post more details about what you do and what kind of story you want to tell to the world. What makes you different from all similar web consultants?

      To answer your three questions: 1) run of the mill, one of thousands of such companies named after the founder, and thus very forgettable; 2) yes, but only with some effort, definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue, and the tendency is to pronounce it like “Boyer;” 3) no — better to start from scratch with an evocative name that rises above the level of the goods and services being offered (see comment and link above).

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      Appreciate if you use words name like or or as usually business by personal names don’t generate solid leads.

      All the best.

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      Basically personal branding is about making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a leader and how this will shape your business in which you will serve others.

      Here I’m going to show you a few cases of how a personal brand can be just as important as a corporate brand when developing your business strategy.

      People want to deal with a human, not a faceless company. So you can try this approach. At various online sources, you can find various combinations of unique business name ideas. So checkout all those idea before finalizing a name.

      If you want to start a business, consider whether you really need that new corporate image. Maybe people will like you just the way you are!

      And if you’re hiding behind a big corporate logo, consider stepping into the limelight. It really is the people, not the brand, that inspire customer loyalty.

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      Hi Peter ,

      It’s true that putting a personal name in business sometimes just don’t work the way we expect it to . Your name would work well with the people that already know you but what about the hundreds of potential clients that don’t know you yet ? They are looking for professional quality service and their decision will not be influenced by whether or not the business name is a personal name . However , if you believe that you could brand your name , you should definitely take it forward. How about you getting a little creative ? Peter is a common name , why not brand your surname ‘Bowyer’  ?  It’s as good as a brandable name. Infact , your line of work perfectly fits into it. Would anyone be able to aim an arrow ( to achieve) without a bow ? Start branding your surname and set an imagery about ‘Bowyer’ so that your clients are able to relate your brand to your full name.

      All the best for your business.


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