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    The problem:

    Corporate employees will attend numerous ‘workshops’ through their careers, and will at some point have to run one. They may have been to others in the past (so steal some of the techniques and activities they have seen), or have done some research online, but they really don’t know what they are doing so the design and planning of the workshop becomes a gruesome task, and when it comes to the workshop itself, there is fear that at any moment in time, the group will turn to anarchy. They are not facilitators, and need help!


    The solution:

    I am looking to launch a product that lifts the burden of designing and planning workshops, and providing support through the workshop itself. The user merely needs to answer some questions about the constraints that the workshop needs to be designed around (number of people, duration, expected outcomes etc), and it will provide them with a fully worked up agenda, pre-prepared slides and handouts, a shopping list for materials, and a clear a concise set of instructions, minute by minute, that will guide them through to a successful result without having to break into a nervous sweat

    Some extra thoughts:

    It’s both a Guru (it knows everything about how workshops should be run, which activities need to be plugged together for the best results, and how to manage things when groups get stuck for ideas), and also a PA (it does the grunt work for you).

    I want to give the immediate impression that this will hold your hand through the process, lifting all fear and worry, giving you a much needed confidence boost, since you will have something there that is an expert and will help you along every step, and does it in a way that isn’t theoretical, but truly practical, so you won’t get stuck.

    I also don’t want it to be too ‘corporate’ (even though that’s where it will be aimed) in feel. Workshops should be a combination of fun and hard work – so would be great if the name gave the impression of both!

    Looking forward to the ideas – thanks in advance!

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    Workshop Planner

    Taking the Work out of Workshops.


    The D.I.Y. Workshop

    Work Smarter Not Harder.


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    Great stuff – thanks!

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