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    I need a book title. The book aim is to help young adults aged 18 till 25 to make the best decisions that will make them live their life to it’s full potential and not do things that will destroy it. For instance choose varsity over drugs or choose finding yourself over settling down to soon. We all have regrets over the age of 25 of what we would have done differently. This book aim is to speak to those young people before they do something that will ruin their lives .


    Thanks in advance

  • BabblerBabbler
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    The Best Years

    Wise Beyond Years

    Do-Over In Advance

    Find Yourself First

  • Avatarsnark
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    Jump Into the Fire

    Take Charge

    Open Mind, Open Heart

    An Eye to the Future

    Future Now

    Mindful Becoming

    The Wisdom Book


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      Thank you . I appreciate it.

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    Before You Decide

    Know Regrets!

    How To Make Up Your Mind

    Mindful Decisions

    Never Hindsight

    Final Decisions


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      Thank you. You have been a great help

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