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    She’s our little “miracle” baby (now 4yrs old, so not a baby, really). But, I’ve got a few here so far – any others? any votes, suggestions?

    All Maia <3 (pic of heart)
    All Maia $$$
    All Maia Heart
    All Maia Love
    All Maia Time
    Maia <3 (pic of heart)
    Maia 1st Love
    Maia 2nd Home
    Maia 2nd Love
    Maia Bad
    Maia Better Half
    Maia Boat
    Maia Heart
    Maia Lil Boat
    Maia Lil Lady
    Maia Lil Princess
    Maia Lil Yacht
    Maia Love
    Maia Love
    Maia Other Half
    Maia Sea Love
    Maia Seafaring Love
    Maia Tai
    Maia Time
    Maia Time
    Maia Zen
    Maia, My, My
    Maia, My, My
    Oh Maia Gawd
    Oh Maia God
    Oh Maia Gosh
    Oh My Maia
    Oh My, Maia
    Princess Maia

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    I cleaned that post up for you @chic, and combined your two posts, alphabetized them, and deleted the duplicates, so the post above should have all the names you suggested in your two posts.

    Civilization (Mayan, get it?)


    Maia Con Dios

    Maia Yah Yah

    Maia Sweet Princess

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    Ah, thank you!  And thanks for the names, too!

  • AvatarChic
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    I like Maian! 🙂

  • Avatarvan helsing
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    Maia Special Angel

    My Oh Maia!

    Mama Maia!

    Maia Cruise Line

    Going Maia Way





  • AvatarChic
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    Awesome, thank you!

  • FrannyFranny
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    Maia Miracle

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