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    • Anonymous
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      hi I am Kate and I am setting up a career support service for professional artists and art professionals.

      at heart it is an international networking community which facilitated connections across borders without the expense of travel and it also offers training and coaching via webinars and videos online, expert feedback and accountability programmes.

      i have an fb group already called Art career accelerator group by Art Radar. Art Radar is a journal I set up 10 years ago to cover contemporary Asian art. Most of my fb members came from there.

      I now want to separate and possibly one day sell art Radar and keep the accelerator. So I need a replacement for Art Radar. I can’t call it simply art career accelerator because this is the name for the free fb group. I am building a paid membership and I don’t want people to get muddled between the free group and the paid programme.



    • sigi
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      Blanc Canvas

      Scene Express

      Art Strokes

      Art Tickles

      Art To Be (Art 2B)

      I Catchers

      How Art Thou!?

    • Anonymous
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      I love Blanc Canvas – tho a bit worried everyone will misspell it. So I probably won’t have the courage to go with that. Maybe I can use that as a product /service name instead.

      I absolutely love Eye Catchers for a service/product  idea which I have in mind. So I can’t use that for my main site.

      I am not connecting with the others so much.

      You are brilliant at naming. Do you have any more ideas?


    • snark
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      Artists Without Borders

      Art On The Edge


      Aesthetic Survival

    • Anonymous
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      Hey Snark thanks for your ideas.

      I LOVE the idea of Aesthetic Survival but I think my members who are non-native English speakers might have trouble with the spelling.

      I like the Artists without Borders too because my site is all about connections and networking across borders. The only issue is that my members are not just professional artists they are also art professionals.

      You really do have some awesome ideas thank you so much and if you have more please do let me know. Thanks




    • quark
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      Survival of the Artist

    • sigi
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      Easely Creative

      Art Catchers

      Pallet for Beauty

      Art Subject Matters

      Art FTFT – For The First Time

      Regal Artistry

      Artistic Regalia



    • van helsing
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      Strokes of Genius


      Artistic Horizons



    • Anonymous
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      Hey hey hey thanks quark sigi and van helden

      Some great ideas here. A couple of them like Artnet are already huge art businesses so they must be good. Ha ha.

      Art Catchers is catchy. Artextra is good.

      Survival of the Artist – I like that more and more. I think it could be a great podcast name for artist career and life stories. Thank you so much. Sadly I can’t use it for the main name because the members will be curators and other art professionals too.

      I am also thiNking

      art career ally


      art career catalyst


      Cary art careers (my name)


      As they will come up under search for keyword artcareer.

      But they are not much fun. Not very imaginative.

      If you have any more name ideas I would love to hear them.






      • quark
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        Hi Kate,

        I didn’t understand your reasoning (perhaps) on why Survival of the Artist cannot work (because curators and other art professionals are also involved). If you had said it was in clear use already (ala Artnet) I would agree to moving on. But if I understand your reasoning, I would counter and argue a good brand does not need address all aspects of it’s business so specifically. Not all passengers are virgins on Virgin Airlines…for example.

        Either way – best luck with your venture 🙂

    • Franny
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      Art to Art


    • Blindweezy Jefferson
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      Gas Pedal

      Breaking Glass




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