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    Hi all,

    I’ve just joined. A bit of a background.

    I’m looking to start up my own company and wow is choosing a name interesting.

    My general background is with technician support, I’ve wanted to start a company for some time but haven’t.

    Recently I’m doing some video and photography editing for a friend. I quite like it and reckon it will give me more of an edge with my start up company.

    Now the interesting part. Name and slogan.

    I’m confident that any home and business solution I can deal with regarding technical support however I also want to brand myself with regards to videography and photography editing solutions.

    Does anyone have any advice how I could include both in a company name? I’ve built up a portfolio for media work done which will be available on my website with my tech background etc but I’m stuck on deciding on a name and ultimately my domain.

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